We are an innovative educational family game developer targeting various population segments of the society. Our "easy-to-learn" games are based on principles of discrete mathematics and computer science. Instead of playing games on electronic medias, our games are designed to play with physical real objects. By playing our games, participants of all ages will improve their cognitive skills, inspire new gaming strategies as well as putting their brains on exercise. Our games will bring hours of joy to the entire family of all ages.


Qu-MAT is our universal gaming platform designed specifically for many of our Add-On games. Dozens of games can be played on this multi-purpose silicone mat. We are constantly developing new Add-On titles each year so that you can reuse Qu-MAT in all of our games. From baking macarons to table pot holder, Qu-MAT is also a must-have kitchen tool in every household.


Our goal is to develop "GREEN" and innovative games using recyclable and replayable components that will preserve your investment while protecting our environment and to bring back traditional values of family games for all ages. 


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