Special Uses of Qu-MAT

October 11, 2016


One may ask why we sell the "Qu-MAT" and our games as separate products. Multi-functionality is our main goal in designing our products. We want our customers to explore the many uses of Qu-MAT, and not just limiting it to board games only. Of course, like the "Qu-MAT", some of our games come with multiple rules for alternative games using the included components. Therefore your small investment in our product will bring you tremendous fun for many years to come. In this newsletter, we will show you some of the additional uses of our Qu-MAT. 


Fire-Resistant Mat for Cellphone Charging 


You probably knew by now that our Qu-MAT is actually a food grade silicone bake mat for cookies and macarons and a pot holder for large diameter cooking containers of any shape. With the recent explosions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all over the world, one may wonder what are the chances of your aging smartphones burning up your house during unattended charging. Our 100% silicone-made Qu-MAT can withstand the high temperature of at least 350 Celsius (660 F) for many hours. It can serve as a barrier layer between your smartphone and any table top surface. Its silicone texture will grab on either the exterior case or the touch screen from accidental sliding or scratching. It can actually save lives.


Anti-skid anti-scratch Table Mat for Digital Devices

The foot massage side of Qu-MAT allows air circulation underneath your digital devices such as laptops or smart pads. The heat will dissipate better comparing to direct contact with your table top. This can prolong the life of your computing devices. Metallic surface can easily create microscopic scratches when rubbing against all kinds of table top materials without table cloths. Qu-MAT is better than tablecloth as it can grab on any types of smooth and rough surfaces. Here is a great experiment for you. Try to throw your key chain with keys on to Qu-MAT from a short distance, say half a meter. Observe how effective Qu-MAT can grab on to your key chain !


Display Mat for You Collection of Things


If you collect small figurines or other hobby items, Qu-MAT can be used as a display mat inside bookshelves.  With exactly 25 cm wide, it can fit in most standard size bookcases. Because Qu-MAT is made of 100% food grade silicone and dishwasher safe, you can use it to place your favorite mini tarts or cupcakes, and even use it to freeze-make chocolate round crisps. 


A Tileable Mat for Everyone


The modular design of Qu-MAT means you can span the silicone surface for many more usages. For starter, you can tile four pieces of Qu-MAT together to form an 8x8 game board. The foot massage side of Qu-MAT is designed to fit standard Lego blocks. Children can put their Lego creations directly on the Qu-MAT. We've designed many great games on this side as well. Stay tuned for our future announcement !


We hope you will fully exploit the many uses of our Qu-MAT. We have put in a great deal of effort to bring you many strategy games to the Qu-MAT in the years to come. Your continued support is vital to our success. Download our online shopping app so you can buy our next game product anywhere in the world at any time.

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