Melencolia: 10 New Games 2016

October 13, 2016


This winter, we will bring you ten new MELENCOLIA games that will challenge the minds of both children and adults. A brief preview of each game is written below for anyone who enjoys playing our leading math strategy games. The new games are grouped under three categories based on the number of players.


Games for 2 to 4 Players


Triple-Sum-Assault is a fast pace arithmetic pattern matching game for 2 to 4 players. You are to create lines of three connected discs on the Qu-MAT with sums equal to a special set of consecutive integers. You can build  the "line of 3" in horizontal, vertical and diagonal orientation. In this multiplayer strategy game, players will be able to train their mental arithmetic skill while solving a"cross-number" puzzle at the same time.


Mystic Stacker is a game for all audiences. It combines the elements of blackjack, poker, ludo, mental arithmetic, memory and deduction. To increase your chance of winning, you will need to outsmart your opponents with good memory, luck and bluffing skills.


Thirty Sum Think! is a game of intense player concentration. The increased demand on mental arithmetic skill makes this game a bit more difficult. The connected group of 4 discs can linked together adjacent in any combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal positions. Players will need more time to think before and after placing a disc on the Qu-MAT.


Triginta Genus is a math puzzle race. This is a real-time mental arithmetic race among players. Your fast reaction time in solving the numerical puzzle on the Qu-MAT will put you in the first place.


Ketten Max is a movement strategy game based on addition. Not only you need to do addition and to guess on the hidden numbers, you will also need to plan your moves to win.


Games for 2 to 3 Players


Match Up 17 is a math game for children. Your goal is to find a pair of number discs which adds up to a sum of 17. This game trains your memory and simple arithmetic. We've included rules for a more difficult version of this game for advance player. 


Prime-A-Pair is a strategy game based on simple prime number generation. To win, you must observe both the exposed discs and the hidden discs on the Qu-MAT to create more prime pairs.


Eyes to Eyes is a simple strategy puzzle game. Players can change the outcome of the puzzle based on the cyclic property of each number's binary representation. Winning the game requires careful manipulation of each number disc. It is not as simple as it may seem.


Games for 2 Players


Magic Link Go - Three in A Row and Quadrilaterals are based on the concept of anti-magic square integrating into a 3x3 puzzle challenge. In "Three in A Row", you will be playing Tic-Tac-Toe using the property of anti-magic square. In "Quadrilaterals", you will be building a quadrilateral inside the 3x3 grid. These games demand mental arithmetic as well as pattern formation using duo layer strategy. 


We hope you will enjoy these new games for now. Stay tuned for more MELENCOLIA games in 2017. 



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