Melencolia: 10 New Games For 2017

February 28, 2017



This spring, we are bringing you another ten new MELENCOLIA games that will keep you and your beloved ones entertained both mathematically and intellectually. Here is a brief introduction to each game. We hope you and your family will enjoy these games, and teachers will use them in their mathematics / computer science curriculum. Please visit our dedicated education website for MELENCOLIA GAMES by clicking the picture on the right.


Games for 2 players


Magic Slider is a game beyond puzzle solving. Your objective is to move each number into their designated locations while competing for the highest score. You will definitely sharpen your visual scanning ability.


Arithmetic Warlords is the ultimate mathematics war game. You will need to launch your attacks with mathematical formulas using your number pawns. Don't underestimate your enemy as they may surprise you in future battles. Your mental arithmetic and strategic planning are tested in this game.


Nummerfest is a game for those who love crunching numbers. Your objective is to eat as many numbers off the table as possible and to force your opponents to eat the scraps.


Eyes on Paths is a strategic planning game of which players must make the best moves to win. Each player's move will affect the subsequent moves.


Tit-for-Tat is the perfect math game for all ages and especially for kids learning negative number arithmetic. Players have two layers of objectives to achieve within a given set of numbers. This game demonstrates the popular gaming theory called "tit-for-tat."


Tug of Sum is the mathematically equivalent game to the physical game - "Tug of War." Besides mental arithmetic, strategic placement is the essence of this game.


Number-mines is no ordinary guessing game. Players are required to perform mental arithmetic, visual mapping, short term memory, and strategic placement at the same time.


Serial Linker is a one of a kind strategy game based on the concept of simple number series. Your task is to build a sequence of 4 consecutive integers on the Qu-MAT. You will need to master the art of number manipulation against your opponent. 


Games for 2 to 3 Players


Binary Foe is a pattern matching game that requires logical reasoning and some luck. The more you use your logical reasoning ability, the more lucky guesses you will have.


Toll Positions is a non-math strategy game solely based on logical placement strategy. You will need to build your own portion of the maze in order to claim your fortune. Your opponents will try to grab your share of the fortune wherever it is possible.


We hope you will enjoy these new games for now. Get ready for ten more new MELENCOLIA games in 2018. 



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