Melencolia: 10 New Games For 2018

September 30, 2017

This October, we are bringing you 10 more exciting MELENCOLIA strategy games that will take your cognitive and mental arithmetic skills to a whole new level. With the latest additions, we have increased the total number of MELENCOLIA games to at least 34. Here is a brief summary of each new game. All owners of MELENCOLIA can download the latest manual (Vol. IV) from our official link below. Teachers and educators can visit our dedicated support site for additional information by clicking the Qu-MAT picture above.


Feudal Magic is a placement strategic math game that requires in-depth thinking as well as mental arithmetic.


Deceits is a challenging game for all ages focusing on logical thinking and visual deceptions.


Swivel Pass is a competitive movement game of maze formation based on binary logic. Your opponent will do anything to prevent your pawns from reaching his or her base. 


Cyclic Bits is the advance version of Eyes-to-Eyes based on two bit binary logic.


Magic Defuser is a "bust" or "pass" strategy game based on mathematics inferences. You will need to force your opponent to take a bust in order to win.


Magic Sums of Four is an intense goal-seeking game based on mental arithmetic and numerical puzzles.


Evens And Odds is a numerical guessing game based on the addition of even and odd numbers.


Fractional War requires players to exercise their understanding of fractions, the use of lowest common denominator method for value comparison, and logical placement strategy. 


Product Fights is an interesting strategy game based on the multiplication table of values between 1 to 16.


Eye Opener is a memory matching game based on cyclic patterns with the option to include addition for advance players.


We hope you will enjoy these exciting new games. More MELENCOLIA games will be coming next fall for 2019. 



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