Melencolia: 10 New Games For 2019

February 4, 2019

This Chinese New Year, we are bringing you 10 more exciting MELENCOLIA strategy games that will take your cognitive and mental arithmetic skills to a whole new level. With the latest additions, we have increased the total number of MELENCOLIA games to over 44. Here is a brief summary of all new games. Owners of MELENCOLIA can download the latest manual (Vol. V) from our official link below. Teachers and educators can visit our dedicated support site for more information .


Winning Streak is an unique game to challenge your mental multiplication, logic, and probability analysis skills.


Guesstimatrix is a simple game of number guessing using simple logic.


Feudal Magic Swap is a dynamic puzzle game of number solving through swapping or moving.


Lockstepper is an easy but challenging game of base capture with both logic and luck.


Make a Difference is an exciting math game based on simple subtraction. It will boost your analytic thinking skills. 


Octet Ruler - players will try to match 8 different sums on the Qu-MAT through swaps and moves.


Sum More Sum Less is an "in situ" speculation game of 8 sums on the Qu-MAT.


Risky Guesser is a simple game of guessing your opponents' hidden number through their movement cues and clues


Magic Skewer is a speedy game to improve the players' quick observation skill and mental arithematics.


Quardo Durado is a twist in the original "Hidden Flush" game in which the players will continue to play the game through swapping two adjacent discs.


We hope you will enjoy these new games. There are more exciting new games of MELENCOLIA coming in 2020. 



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